Friday, October 23, 2009

Japanese Treats

At school yesterday, a group if Japanese high school girls came to do a cultural afternoon at my school. (MEI Middle) They are part of a short term international program, and have come to MEI a few years in a row. My uncle and aunt have a student from Japan, and she was at MEI yesterday.

They set up different stations, showing Japanese culture. We were split into groups, and were given about an hour to go through, and see what their culture is like. When we first got downstairs to the Multi-Purpose Room, (The grade 7's are on the third floor of the school), they sang us a beautiful song in Japanese. Then, we went off to different stations. Some of them were: trying on kimonos, (which were very pretty, and very warm), playing with paper balloons, (more like wax paper balls, with a small hole to blow in), making origami cranes, writing our names in calligraphy, (I still have mine from last year, as well as this year), a Japanese green tea ceremony... and lots more. Also, through out the afternoon, the showered us in VERY SWEET CANDY, (Just the way I like it...), and little origami things. I got an origami butterfly, and it's now hanging in my locker. Some other things that were given was: cranes, little star-boxes, pouches, and teeny-tiny cranes, like the size of this word. They were very cute.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your wet, rainy, windy, cold day.

~Emily Friesen


  1. That sounds like a fun day, except for the rain.
    We had a nice sunny day, but the rain is coming in tomorrow.


  2. What a cool way to spend the school day! Sounds like the Japanese students put a lot of thought and effort into giving you a memorable Japanese experience. I was an exchange student to Japan when I was in Grade 10 and it was amazing. My experience was that the Japanese people I met were very kind and very nice and very fun!


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