Friday, October 9, 2009

One day of freedom...

I'm not sure if you knew, but I have braces. So regularly, (every 4 weeks), I have to go to my orthodontist (pronounced orth-o-don-tist) to get the wires changed, or to get more elastics, or, you know. On some days, he will tell me that "next appointment you'll be getting a bracket off", or "we'll be taking x-rays next time", or something of that sort. But, on September 3, I had an orthodontist appointment, and the news was quite amazing. Dr. Dueckman told me that "Emily, on your next appointment, October 7, you will be getting your braces off." So, here I am with no braces, but I still have a mouthful of metal. How does that work? Now I'm stuck with retainers, on the top and bottom!

This is before....

....And this is after.

And here is me, biting into an apple... I haven't been able to do that in 2 years. And as you can see, the apple was cold, and my front teeth were sensitive... (I was going to show the rest of my my family on Thanksgiving dDy, but our plans changed, so I'm doing it this way, instead)

~Emily Friesen


  1. Congrats, Em. And here I thought you`d be in those things `til the cows came home!!! Bet the boys are taking a second look now at your beautiful smile.
    Hugs, Nanny

  2. Oh Emily...congratulations! You look terrific and so do your teeth!

  3. Emily,
    What a beautiful smile:) My daughter is still wearing braces and she is 24, so congrats on getting yours off. I cannot imagine not being able to eat apples and perfect timing with them fresh from the orchards.


  4. I love your beautiful smile! Take good care of those teeth!!! Mom and Dad have a lot of time and $$$ invested in those beauties.

  5. Beautiful Em! Seeing you in person was even more great! Way to did just remember not to flush your retainer down the toilet by accident like my mom did when I was a kid:)


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