Monday, November 30, 2009

Dinner and a Show

Yesterday evening, mom and dad finally, (Finally!), let us watch Christmas Vacation with them. (They blipped out what seemed like 10 minutes of it, but that doesn't matter.) Now I understand why my weird family dresses up as Eddie on the diving board, or Clark with carpet sewn to his head, and Audrey with her eyes frozen. Before watching Christmas Vacation, I never really understood why we have a "knot-ball centerpiece" on our dining room table. Or why we ate jello with catfood sprinkled on it. (Almost a year ago, my mom wrote a poem about our weirdness, so if you go back a million posts on her blog, you'll find it.)
So thet was the "show" part of this post, now on to the "dinner". Julianna made her famous french fries, this time loaded with farmer sausage and cheese. They were so good. Tomorrow I'll post about my huge egypt project. Until then,

Emily Friesen

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas is coming!

Starting today, I'm going to be keeping track of how many days until Christmas. So, today's total is 27 days until Christmas!(So, Christmas is coming, whether you like it or not!)
So anyway, last weekend and this weekend, was (Is) my mom's 11 annual open house! We had (and are having)lots of fun. Julianna and I made fudge, dishcloth bloomers, and pencils, and our cousin Olivia,made friendship bracelets and tiger butter. Almost all her tiger butter is gone, so if you want some, you better come now. (She also broke her nose, so please hope she gets better, and that it won't have to be rebroken
If you want tocome to this amazing event, we are open until 5:00pm this evening. I hope to see you there!

~Emily Friesen

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Very Muchly Busy...

Right now, I am so very muchly busy with homework, that I haven't had time to blog in a while. All the grade 7s at MEI have to do a sequence of large projects on Ancient Egypt, (All due Dec. 3), and I am rapidly running out of time. All of the projects are worth a certain amount of points, and we have to have 90 before December 3. So, my projects are the Illustrated Dictionary, and the Ancient Egyptian Town Model.
Also, to add to my work load, the first 16 pages of my 44 page story have to be typed up for Friday. (Then, 6 journal entries in my bible portfolio and a title page are due December 3, as well.)
So, I should get to work. I'm also not feeling so well today, so I'm taking it easy.
Wish me luck!

~Emily S. Friesen

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I know,I know...

...that I'm a bad blogger. I haven't posted in, like, two weeks, and Poppa's probably never going to read things on here anymore, and it's all my fault.
Glad to have got that out of my system. Ok, now Halloween. Let's just say I'm almost out of candy, and proably have a million cavities. (My dentist is going to make a fortune off me)

Aren't we cute? I don't mean to brag, but aren't we cute? As you can see, Julianna was a fisher-person, and I was dressed up from the 50's. Now, be honest. What were you dressed up as? Please leave a comment and let me know!

~Emily S. Friesen