Sunday, January 17, 2010

Movie Nights

On Friday and Saturday evening, Nanny and Poppa and us did dinner and movies. On Friday, Julianna was at a birthday party, so it was just the 5 of us. We rented Night at the Museum 2, and went over to their house to watch it. Everyone really liked it, and I would recommend watching it again. Yesterday evening, (Saturday), we were going to watch The Princess Bride, but because my dad taped it like a million years ago, it wasn't working. So instead, we watched Ice Age 2. (It's almost a good thing we didn't watch the Princess Bride, because with the movie came all the taped commercials, such as the old coffee ones, and the "tide clean" ones, and 1990 car commercials, and you know.) We had fun though. For dinner we had nachos, broccoli salad, and taquitos, and bananas dipped in chocolate. Then we played on the wii.
So if you can remember that far back, my last post was about my Egypt Project, and I know what I got on it. Any guesses? 100% I'm just finishing my last one. (Yes!) It's a few sentences written in hieroglyphics. (We were supposed to write 5 sentences about Egypt, and I was really streching it. One of my sentences is "They are big." ) So, as soon as I'm finished that one, i'll post about it.
Oops! I almost forgot about my BIG NEWS! I was selected to be in the extra challenge language arts program at MEI! (There's only six grade 7's in it.) So, every Thursday morning, I get to miss socials, (YES!), to be in the Language Arts class.
Well, gotta go finish my project now, and I'll post later.
~Emily Friesen

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Egypt Project #2

It's that time of year again...Egypt projects. Mr. Stel, (my socials teacher), seems to like assigning them. Last term, I did the town model, and I was thinking about doing another building one (model of a pyramid or the Sphinx). But when I realized that I only had a week to do so, I changed plans. Instead of building a pyramid, I did a mummification guide.

Isn't it cool? I mean, don't you like it? If you're wondering about the "person", the bandages are ink covered gauze, the left arm is covered in salt, the stringy thing is an intestine going into a canopic jar, and the metal things on the hip and on the necklace, are supposed to be amulets. (If you click to enlarge the pics, you'll be able to read the paragraphs) When looking for information on the mummification process, I came across a very cool site. Here's a link for it: Mummies. The cool thing about the site, is that there's the same kind of information about gladiators, whaling, and arctic explorers, if you like that kind of thing. Well, I have to go finish my other homework now, so I'll see you later.

~Emily S. Friesen :)