Saturday, January 9, 2010

Egypt Project #2

It's that time of year again...Egypt projects. Mr. Stel, (my socials teacher), seems to like assigning them. Last term, I did the town model, and I was thinking about doing another building one (model of a pyramid or the Sphinx). But when I realized that I only had a week to do so, I changed plans. Instead of building a pyramid, I did a mummification guide.

Isn't it cool? I mean, don't you like it? If you're wondering about the "person", the bandages are ink covered gauze, the left arm is covered in salt, the stringy thing is an intestine going into a canopic jar, and the metal things on the hip and on the necklace, are supposed to be amulets. (If you click to enlarge the pics, you'll be able to read the paragraphs) When looking for information on the mummification process, I came across a very cool site. Here's a link for it: Mummies. The cool thing about the site, is that there's the same kind of information about gladiators, whaling, and arctic explorers, if you like that kind of thing. Well, I have to go finish my other homework now, so I'll see you later.

~Emily S. Friesen :)


  1. Emilita. Remember that injury to my rib?? Reading your blog DOES NOT aid and abet a fast recovery. That was a good laugh and informative too. Now as soon as I pick myself up off the floor I`m heading straight for my easy chair.
    Love ya. Poppa

  2. Emily, Emily, Emily
    Whatever will you come up with next? Have you ever thought about the teachers` feelings when you come up with these ideas? Would he/she appreciate reading this kind of stuff before lunch on an empty stomach??? Hopefully he/she will get the "picture" and give you a good mark.
    Hugs, Nanny ( not the mummy but the Nanny )

  3. how about everything I NEVER wanted to know??? haha..just teasin' Em...great job, as usual!

  4. Now that would have been my kind of project.
    I had to do an oral report once, on an aboriginal tribe and I won't mention what their whole culture was based on, but it sure got the other student's attention;)


  5. Okay, SO COOL! I really like all the detailed info, and those amazing illustrations of yours! My favouritest part is how you've made everything dimensional: popped off the page! I love it! VERY A++++ in my books!!!

  6. Very very cool.... you are definitely your mom's child.. with the creative brain and all!


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