Thursday, November 5, 2009

I know,I know...

...that I'm a bad blogger. I haven't posted in, like, two weeks, and Poppa's probably never going to read things on here anymore, and it's all my fault.
Glad to have got that out of my system. Ok, now Halloween. Let's just say I'm almost out of candy, and proably have a million cavities. (My dentist is going to make a fortune off me)

Aren't we cute? I don't mean to brag, but aren't we cute? As you can see, Julianna was a fisher-person, and I was dressed up from the 50's. Now, be honest. What were you dressed up as? Please leave a comment and let me know!

~Emily S. Friesen


  1. Love your poodle skirt and love the fisher"person" outfit. I was at work... didn't dress up... but did wear a top with pumpkins on it. :D

  2. Great outfits and fun ones too.
    I went as a grouchy old lady;)

    We didn't get anyone this year, no more little kids in our neighborhood.


  3. I have been reading your blog everyday for two weeks. Welcome back Emilita.

  4. You are adorable! I dressed up as a Mom, it was a very detailed costume that took about 11 years to make! ;-)

  5. Hiiii!

    I was a Groovy Girl. Kind of like you, but about 20 years later. LOL

    Tell Julianna I said Hiya!

    Love, Joy


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