Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

So, how have your weekends been so far? It's Canada's Thanksgiving on Monday, so it's a long weekend, and I get a day off school. (Yes!)

My family celebrated Thanksgiving today, so we cooked up potatoes, yams, a chicken; we had cranberry and apple sauces, and stuffing. (Guess what we'll be eating for the next month?) Julianna and I decorated the table with homemade tea-stained place cards, paper leaves, twigs, and mini pumpkin candles. It looked really festive.

I hope your weekends are very good, and I'll post more on Tuesday.



  1. Your dinner looks delicious and what a beautiful table setting.
    Hot turkey and gravy sounds good right now, getting cold tonight.


  2. Great job Em! It looks like it was yummy! Hope you enjoy your thanksgiving get-a-way!

  3. I'm considering hiring you and Juliana to decorate my next party! You girls are awesome at pulling together a lovely table!


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