Friday, October 2, 2009

Fresh from the oven

Ok, so you all know that I am an owl nut, but there are other things I enjoy collecting and doing as well.

For example, I collect nutcrackers, and have a collection consisting of 38 wooden men. They line the top of my bookshelf, and a shelf above that, and a small (fake) tree on my windowsill. The pic that is of only one nutcracker, is one that my dad made. He copied it from a movie I got one Christmas.

Some other things I enjoy doing are drawing, painting, scrapbooking, sewing... You name it. In that group of hobbies, lives cooking.

Now I'm not much of a chef, but I do enjoy creating french toast, or muffins, or scrambled eggs once in a while. So today, (I had no school, and with that, no road run in PE!), I went over to Nanny's house and between Food Network shows, we made Mini apple turnover things. (In case you're wondering, my favorite food network shows are "Ace of Cakes", "Iron Chef America", "Food Network Challenge", and "Ricardo and friends"). The recipe is from Mennonite Girls Can Cook. Now I hope you all enjoy this post. Until next time,

~Emily S. Friesen


  1. Hey Em, Yep I enjoyed the post, but I enjoyed the turnover even better ;)

  2. Emily,
    What a fun collection and I love your new owl tshirt.
    I love apple recipes and that one looks good, I bookmarked the site, so I can check out their recipes when I have time.


  3. Thanks, Em, for spending the am/pm with me. I enjoyed baking with you but enjoyed the results even better!!!(?) I guess Julianna will have to do the same some time soon. We`ll try another new recipe and see what we can come up with.
    Hugs, Nanny

  4. Emilita...I am happy to be surrounded by such good cooks in the family.


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