Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another owl

Well, the time's come to post about another owl or two. So, can I have a drum roll please?....... I am here to present "Today's Owl!"

Today's Owl is not really an owl at all. It is more or less a drawing of an owl. Now, every year before school starts, Julianna and I are given $50 to spend on school clothes, or whatever is needed. So, an annual trip to Old Navy was in order.

As far as I'm concerned Old Navy makes the cutest shirts. From the words "I like doing fun stuff", to a bird saying "Don't be mean, keep the air clean", or "I want smores"... Anyway, the shirt I picked out was this:

An owl with the words: "Who loves ya?" And really, could you even imagine an owl lover like me even thinking of passing up such an adorable shirt? I know I couldn't.

So, join me next week on "Today's Owl".

~Emily S. Friesen


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