Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Get-Away

We took a little vacation yesterday and today to celebrate Thanksgiving. Julianna and I had never been, so mom and dad took us down to Seattle for a little vacation.

We stayed at a Best Western, only a few blocks away from the Space Needle. On the first day, we toured the downtown; Pikes Place Market.
Wow. I'm lucky I got out alive. On a Sunday, right around 10-10:30, it is BUSY! We went in and looked around at almost every shop, and even saw some world famous fish throwing. (Pikes Place Fish Market)
Julianna and I each got a mini beanie bag stuffed animal,(mine a lizard, and hers a turtle), a pin, and I got a postcard as well. Here are some other pictures of the market:
In the gift shop-area on the ground level of the Space Needle, we wandered around. (It was something crazy like $50 to go all the way up) All 4 of us also tried on pairs of these HIDEOUS sunglasses, and well...See for yourself.

For dinner that evening, (after finding out that the streets we wanted to take were all 1 ways), we went to Overall, the meal was nice, and the spumoni ice-cream was delicious. When we got back to the van... It was covered with atomic bird-bombs. (I just now got back inside from washing the van) Nice, eh?

We also went to the first Starbucks ever!

I hope you have all enjoyed you Thanksgiving holidays, as much as I did.

~Emily Friesen


  1. Sounds like a great get-away. I`ve never been to that market but maybe will oneday. What happened - did your van have a target painted on top??? Must have been a big job doing a sham"poo" on it!!! Glad you had a good time before heading back to school.
    Hugs, Nanny

  2. Sounds like you had lots of fun. I need a mini vacation myself, time to get away and do something different.


  3. What great fun you had!! I just love those Starbucks shirts!!! I've never seen them before!! Love your story of the birds!!! LOL Gotta love them!! Take care, XO Fran.


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