Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So, I was going to post a week ago about my project, but I never got to it. And so, today's your lucky day! (Drum roll please...) TA-DA!

Any guesses? If you're all out of guesses, or you don't know, I'll tell you. This thing is a (mini) statue of a pharaoh, (I think it is Ramses), that I made out of clay. Isn't it cool? Well, here's the project that goes with it.

Neat huh? It took me about a week to construct, and as soon as I find out what I got on it, I'll post that. (It's out of 80.)

Now, This picture is my absolute favorite. I just love how it turned out. Take a look...

I just love how the water actually looks shiny, and how the temple is all blurry-looking. Don't you?

Well, I should go finish my homework now. I have to keep track on a schedule everything I do and how long it takes me to do it for a week. I also have my Christmas Concert this evening, and I'm a little nervous about it, so I should practise my flute once more. Have a great evening, everybody!

~Emily Friesen :)


  1. Emily,
    I love it! You did a wonderful job and that water does look real.
    I used to love doing projects in school, it is a fun way to learn and I retain more information when I can see visuals.


  2. Emilita. I, of course, have been lucky enough to see your project before it was finished. It is pretty neat.


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