Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hello! How is everyone on this nice warm day? In Abbotsford, it's going to be 31 degrees Celsius today.
If you are wondering what I meant a couple of posts back, about being an "owl nut", today is the day you will find out.
Every year, my auntie Jenny gives Julianna and I some spending money to buy back-to-school clothes, or whatever we need for school. Last year, was my first year at middle school, and I wanted a new bag to hold my binder. One of the reasons why I wanted a new bag was because my old one was ginormous and it didn't fit in my shrimpy locker, and my binder was too big. I also wanted a messenger-bag style. So after searching for a while, we found it!
It is all black, with a rainbow zipper. The design is a etched and multicoloured look, that is covered in owls, flowers and scribbles. It is perfect!
Also, to express my creativeness, I made some pins to match. One is a computer style happy face, another is a random dot pattern, and a third is another dot pattern, covered in gold paint and an owl sticker. Then last, but not least, (my favorite) is a fabric owl.
I hope you have all enjoyed reading what has gotten me hooked on owls. In the near future, I will show you the mural I painted for on my wall. (You guessed it, it's an owl).
Have a "hoot" today,
~Emily S. Friesen


  1. Hi Emmy-Sue,
    I love your messenger bag! The pattern reminds me of an art technique my children did when they were in school...long ago.

    They colored stripes of many colors across a large piece of paper and then painted over it all with black paint. Then they took a toothpick and drew little stick figures and shapes on the paper, scratching away the black paint as they went. Each little drawing exposed a bit of the multi colors beneath and it looked very much like the design on your bag. I's so glad your bag reminded me of that because it will be great fun to try it with my grandbabies when they're older.

  2. You go, girl! I`m gonna havta check in every day to see and hear about your new creations. Hope you liked the idea of a BINGO card birthday cake for Deeda. I know you and Julianna would do an awesome job. Love ya.
    Hugs, Nanny


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