Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Owl Post

Hello again, I hope you aren't getting sick of me talking about owls. (Because I have talked about them in three posts).

My newest Owl item is this:

A "Kute Kleenex Kase". My mom started making these little things a few days ago. (I think they're her most recent post) They hold a travel-sized package of Kleenex. I really like mine :D
Also, I've been into painting rocks lately. I found a few rocks to paint, while I was at the Fraser River with my Nanny and Poppa a week ago. (Waterslide day) One of them was just right to be a paper weight, and the other is a flat one. The empty surfaces were just calling to me, telling me to paint owls, so I did. The flat one says "Owl Lover", and the other one has an owl in a tree.

I hope you have enjoyed the second owl post in a row, because there are more to come.
~Emily S. Friesen

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