Monday, May 3, 2010

Evening of the Arts

I had every intention to post about this event a while ago, but the computer wasn't working, and I was really busy.
On Wednesday evening, MEI hosted their annual Evening of the arts. Lots of students entered their art, writing, and sewing projects to show people, including me. I had two drawings and two pieces of writing entered. The choir, Jazz band, and marching band all sang any played, too. I was in the marching band last year, in the Victoria Day parade, and the song we played on Wednesday night, we will play in Victoria this year.

If you're having a hard time trying to distinguish which person is me, I'm right on the right! The person with the spiky hair that often cuts into the video is my band teacher. (He has dreadlocks!)

I Hope you enjoy the music, and I'll see you later!


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  1. I really enjoyed the band and your picture of Jack Sparrow is fantastic.
    Hugs, Nanny


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