Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break News

Hello everyone! I know I haven't posted in a while, but I'm not even going to mention the fact that it was two months ago, and that lots has happened in that time. See? I'm not mentioning it. (Oops, did I just mention it?)

Anyway, Spring Break. You know, I love school and all, but I do also love having Spring Break in the winter time. If anyone reading this is from the Lower Mainland, you'll know that it's seemed like spring since December, but don't let the weather fool you; it's still winter for two more days.

My spring break, overall, has been good. At the beginning of it, I had a whopper of a cold, but that cleared up within a few days. It may seem a little confusing, but my first week of spring break was my sisters' last, so we each had one week to ourselves, and then shared one. We didn't travel anywhere, except going to Langley for a day, and the Julianna went to Chilliwack for a day, and Mom and I went to Maple Ridge yesterday.

Oh, and that reminds me of something! (I bet you'll never guess what it is :) Since you probably won't guess, I'll tell you. When I was in grade two, (a long time ago), I got my ears pierced. One of them was pierced at an angle, so I had to let them grow over. Yesterday, once Mom and I were finished in Maple Ridge, we went and got my ears pierced once again! So, here I am, now with holes punched in my ears. Although, once the pain subsided, they looked rather nice...

I'll write more later,

~Emily Friesen 8>


  1. Welcome back Emilita. It`s always interesting to read what is on your mind. Your rosy cheeks match what you are wearing.
    Keep writing.
    Love. Poppa

  2. Emily, Emily, Emily. When did you grow up? That picture is just beautiful. It really shows you are only a month and a half away from becoming a teenager. Glad you enjoyed spring break and the special day spent with Mom. Glad to have you back posting again.
    Hugs, Nanny


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