Friday, September 4, 2009

Birthday Pics and Today's Owl

I guess I promised some birthday pictures, didn't I? Well, here they are.

As you can see, I gave mom a fabric-covered primitive house, tree, and sheep. (I machine sewed them myself) They are made out of wood.

She was also given a drink cookbook, fabric money, flowers, chocolate bars, and new red dishes. The fabric money has already bought some really cute boy bib fabric-planets, cars, and robots.

Julianna and I decorated her a cake, a red primitive house, and willow tree, all out of icing.

Owls...They're such magnificent birds. They can be as light as a burger, or as big as a microwave. (Good comparisons, right?) I also happen to know that owls can be extremely cute and cuddly, when made out of fabric and stuffed. They also make good collections. So, sit back and relax, and enjoy...

Today's owl is made from a material I have not yet mentioned in "Who? Emmy-Sue". Clay. "Sculpey" Modeling clay. Now, I am lucky to own four colours of clay. Pistachio green, hot pink, yellow, and dark blue. But, mixing the right amount of certain colours, for a certain amount of time, gives you different colours. So in this owl, I mixed green with pink, and it gave me a much lighter, softer looking pink. The other colours are the originals.
My little owl is only an inch tall...

...and weighs next to nothing. Isn't he (she) cute? I fell in love as soon as he (she) came out of the oven...

~Emily S. Friesen


  1. It was a wonderful day for Mom, wasn`t it. You & Julianna did a great job on the cake, dinner and homemade gifts. I`m sure Mom appreciated it all.
    Thank you for your help as well.
    The pix are super. Also fell in love with your new pet!
    Hugs, Nanny

  2. you both did a wonderful job on her gifts and her cake...and I love your owl background...:)do you collect owls?

  3. What a 'H-O-O-T'!

    Awesome birthday gifts for your Mom. I especially LOVE the little owl you sculpted.

    Great job...and a great looking blog as well.

  4. The cake(burp!)was deeelicious....

  5. Wow Em..I'm soooo impressed with all the creative things you've done lately! Especially the cake for your mom! You are going to turn out just like your momma..which, of course, is a GREAT thing!

  6. You and everyone else has done a wonderful job for your Mom. What is fabric money???

    Mystica from Sri Lanka


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